Alexandra McIntyre

Alexandra McIntyreAlexandra McIntyre is the principle fiduciary at Private Trustee Services. Alex has spent her life developing a career that would allow her to do what she values most, to make a meaningful contribution to others and the world through service, and to pursue work that contributes to the common good.

In pursuing this path, she has become a passionate advocate for the elderly and for those who are in vulnerable positions in their lives. Her commitment to be of service in her life, has led her to serve on the Board of Avalon Village, a community based, senior service outreach organization. She also served on the Board of Zen Hospice Project, in San Francisco. This led to completing their one-year training to become a hospice volunteer, followed by several years volunteering at the bedside of AIDS and cancer patients at Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco.

More recently, she participated in a two-year training in compassionate care in an “End-of-Life Practitioner Program”, a program designed to enhance the capacity to serve those near the end of life, their families and friends.

Before becoming a private fiduciary, Alex owned and managed four service oriented businesses, and developed extensive expertise as the owner of two international commodity brokerage firms, an information management and document storage company, and a real estate investment property management company.

Alex has a BA in Humanities from CSU, and has completed a one-year Fiduciary certification program through CSU Fullerton. She has been serving her clients as a Private Fiduciary since 2008.